Although This Year Has Been Filled With Trials and Tribulations, We Still Have a Lot to Be Thankful For.​

In just one week it will be Thanksgiving, a holiday whose most cherished traditions — gathering in large groups for family meals, are off-limits this year. We’re changing our celebrations and having zoom dinners, to make Thanksgiving conform to the new rules of the season.

This year, expressing gratitude seems more important than ever. It’s been hard lately not to focus on what we’re missing, the people we’re not seeing, the places we’re not going and the things we’re not doing. However, let's reflect back and find the good in 2020.


Let Us Know What You're Thankful For In 2020. This Year We Are Giving Away Three Stop and Shop Gift Cards to Three Lucky Winners Since It's Easier Than Mailing Turkeys. All You Have to Do Is Let Us Know What You Are Thankful for This Year.​

Winners will be chosen randomly! 

From Everyone here at O'Connor Law,  We wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving! If you have any questions about the Giveaway or otherwise we'd love to help in any way we can, contact us online or call us at (914) 595-4502

What Are You Thankful For?

Provide a few examples below!