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How to Find the Right Workers Compensation Attorney for Your Case

Finding the right workers’ compensation attorney to handle your work injury claim is crucial. You need someone who knows the ins and outs of workers’ comp law and has plenty of hands-on experience navigating the system.

As you evaluate attorneys, don’t just look at how many years they’ve practiced law—look for these key markers of genuine workers’ comp expertise.

Courtroom Experience Matters Most

The number of years an attorney has been licensed does not necessarily equal time spent gaining workers’ comp courtroom experience.

When researching attorneys, ask:

  • How many workers’ comp hearings and trials have they handled in the past decade?
  • Are they in the courtroom arguing cases at least 50% of the work week?

Frequent courtroom appearances allow NY workers’ comp attorneys to hone their litigation skills and gain comfort in presenting evidence and arguing before judges. There’s no substitute for this type of real-world experience.

Writing Appeals Requires Specialized Knowledge

The appeals process in workers’ comp has its own complex rules and procedures.
To successfully navigate appeals, attorneys must have:

  • Extensive knowledge of workers’ comp laws and regulations
  • The ability to argue how precedent applies to a case
  • Strong written advocacy skills

An attorney who has written numerous workers’ comp appeals briefs can craft persuasive arguments to advance your case on appeal.

Deposition Experience Provides Advantages

Taking depositions in workers’ comp cases is an acquired skill. Attorneys develop the ability to:

  • Understand complex medical issues
  • Thoroughly examine medical expert witnesses
  • Think on their feet during intense questioning

Experience deposing adversarial medical experts—whether insurance company doctors or treating physicians—builds confidence and strategic advantage.

Why You Want a Seasoned Workers’ Comp Attorney

As an attorney with over 100,000 workers’ comp hearings handled in the past decade, 5,000+ appeals briefs written, and extensive deposition experience on both sides, I’ve developed specialized knowledge that benefits injured workers.

I’ve acquired intimate familiarity with how the workers’ comp system in our state actually operates and evolved tactics to maximize outcomes. There is little I haven’t encountered during my career as both an insurance company attorney and representing injured workers.

This comprehensive experience allows me to foresee issues, calibrate legal strategies, and vigorously advocate for clients striving to recover from workplace injuries.

Focus Your Search on True Workers’ Comp Experience

When researching attorneys to represent you in your workers’ comp case, dig into their background. Look beyond total years in practice. Focus on the amount of direct workers’ comp litigation experience they possess.

Choose an attorney who has extensive time in courtrooms, writing appeals briefs, and taking expert witness depositions specifically related to workers’ comp. This practical first-hand experience makes all the difference and will strengthen your case.

Contact O’Connor Law today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your work injury claim. Learn how our extensive workers’ comp experience can benefit your case.

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