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New York Shoulder Injury Lawyer

One of the common work-related injuries that occur on the job is a shoulder injury. There are different types of shoulder injuries that workers suffer. A shoulder injury can be a strain, dislocation, or even a frozen shoulder. If you have an injury to your shoulder on the job you can receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Common On-The-Job Shoulder Injuries

Some common shoulder injuries that workers have are rotator cuff tears, labrum tears, dislocations of the joint, bursitis, peripheral nerve impairment, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), tendonitis, shoulder strain, or impingement syndrome of the shoulder.

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Symptoms of Work-Related Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries can be painful. You should seek medical attention as soon as possible. While pain is the most common symptom that people have from a shoulder injury, other symptoms include restriction in range of motion, clicking, popping, dull ache, tingling, weakness, numbness, and stiffness, are also common symptoms.

How Do Shoulder Injuries Occur at Work?

Some common causes of shoulder injuries at work include but are not limited to lifting heavy objects, trauma to the joint, throwing objects, repetitive work with the arms, bracing oneself from a fall with the arms. People who do strenuous or repetitive overhead work are at more risk of developing a shoulder injury, such as a CNA, nurse, home health aide, or construction worker.

A shoulder injury can occur even if you do not do strenuous work. If you injure your shoulder at work, you should notify your employer in writing within 30 days and then seek medical attention.

What You Are Entitled to in Workers’ Compensation?

An injury to the shoulder can lead to the need for medical care and or wage replacement benefits. Under New York State medical treatment guidelines, you can receive medication, steroid injections, physical therapy, or surgery to repair the damage.

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