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Bronx Workers’ Compensation Paralegal Charles Ybañez

Charles Ybañez

Charles is a dedicated paralegal at O’Connor Law Firm with a passion for helping people in need. With almost 4 years of experience in the legal field, Charles has become an integral part of the team, assisting attorneys in handling cases and ensuring that the concerns of claimants are addressed promptly.

Specializing in workers’ compensation claims, Charles has honed his skills in this area, becoming a go-to resource for clients who need guidance and support during difficult times. However, his expertise does not end there. He has also successfully handled personal injury and employment cases, proving his versatility and adaptability in the field of law.

Charles takes pride in his role as a legal assistant, knowing that he can make a difference in the lives of injured workers and other clients facing legal challenges. He believes that being able to provide assistance during times of difficulty is invaluable, and he is grateful for the opportunity to do so through his work at O’Connor Law Firm.


Our legal team has a detailed knowledge of New York workers’ compensation and Social Security disability law, including a unique perspective gained from our founder’s past experience serving as defense counsel for dozens of workers’ compensation insurance firms. You can rest easy knowing that we have the skills necessary to handle your claim.


Our firm’s reputation is unparalleled throughout the Big Apple. When you choose to work with us, you’re getting the benefit of respected representation from one of the leading workers’ compensation and Social Security disability firms in the state.


At O’Connor Law, we understand how vital our work is to your future. We’re committed to fighting for your right to benefits while providing you with the support you need to navigate this difficult time in your life. You will always feel like you are our top priority.


We’re compassionate and empathetic, but far from being a pushover. We’re an iron fist in a velvet glove and will aggressively advocate for your interests—even if that means litigation is necessary to protect your right to benefits.

Protecting New Yorkers is what we do.

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We deal with the insurance company

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