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Blindness or Loss of Eyesight in a Workplace Accident

Blindness or Loss of Eyesight in a Workplace Accident

What Are Your Rights to Compensation For Blindness or Loss of Eyesight in a Workplace Accident: Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in NYC Explains

For most people, the thought of an eye injury could make them cringe. This is because eye injuries are often very painful and result in gruesome-looking damage. Eye injuries can also cause extreme anxiety and emotional harm to a person, often causing a person to believe they may be blind or have permanent vision loss. While most people hope to never have an eye injury, unfortunately eye injuries are one of the more common types of work-related injuries in the United States. The CDC reports that approximately 2,000 workers sustain a work-related eye injury every year, with about one-third (1/3) of them requiring treatment in a hospital emergency department. Of these injuries, other statistics reveal that approximately 10-20% will cause some type of temporary or permanent vision loss. If you suffer an eye injury at work, call an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in NYC to help file your claim.

This is because eye injury claims are notoriously difficult to get the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve under workers’ compensation laws. But here at O’Connor Law, our practice is dedicated to helping injured workers obtain the full amount of workers’ compensation benefits that they may be entitled to under New York law. Unlike some other law firms, our compassionate team does not treat you as just another file—but as a part of our family in need of help. We offer personalized attention and will support you at any stage of your application, whether it is before you apply or after a denial. Learn more about how our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in NYC can help you during a FREE consultation by dialing (914) 595-4502.

Do Eye Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Yes, eye injuries that are work-related will likely qualify for workers’ compensation insurance. This includes both a work-related injury and a work-related illness to one or both eyes.

Not only may the initial trauma covered, but also any subsequent blindness or loss of eyesight. This means more than just the initial trauma and medical bills could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, but also the permanent disability that may result. This could entitle a worker to a benefits payment for the disability after the injury has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). While this figure can be substantial for all workers, when the worker is younger, the benefit amount could be very significant.

Common Causes of Eye Injuries to Workers that May Qualify for Workers’ Comp Benefits

When people think of an eye injury, they usually think of some type of projectile going into the eye and causing injury. While this is a very common cause of an eye injury, there are many other causes that are often more severe and more likely to result in permanent blindness or loss of eyesight.

Some of the most common causes of eye injuries to workers include the following:

  • Striking – one of the most commonly known and one of the most common causes of eye injuries, striking occurs when a small particle or object strikes the eye and causes injury. This includes metal shavings, wood splinters, cement chips, dust, debris, and other objects that break off and strike the eye.
  • Scraping – any object could slide and strike the eye or face causing injury to the eye itself is called a scraping injury. This can result in damage to just the eye, such as a glancing blow off of the eye directly or rubbing across the eye, or it could be something more traumatic, such as a blunt impact to the face or head that could cause significant injuries such as an orbital blowout fracture.
  • Penetrating injuries – when an object such as a nail, staple, iron shaving, sliver of wood, debris, or other object is propelled into the eye, it can cause a devastating penetrating injury. This type of injury is classified as being caused by a larger projection than a striking injury, and often dives deeper into the eye and damages more structures. These injuries are often much more severe and are more likely to result in permanent damage or vision loss.
  • Chemical burns – caustic chemicals can cause blindness or vision loss, with some chemical burns being caused just by the fumes—no direct contact of the chemical is needed to cause blindness. Nearly any worker could suffer a chemical burn, including office workers who may be injured by a cleaning agent that is improperly used on the floor or in bathrooms that are not marked “keep out” during the cleaning process.
  • Thermal burns – like chemical burns, thermal burns can happen without any physical direct contact to the eye. Rather, waves of heat could injure a person’s eyes, such as from a water heater that explodes or a defective office microwave that caused food or drink to steam inappropriately. But most thermal burns occur to welders, plumbers, steelworkers, and other manufacturers that regularly deal with high temperatures and usually some form of liquid.
  • Radiation burns – less likely but still dangerous are radiation burns that can damage the eyes and rest of the structures on the face. Most individuals suffering from radiation burns are those who already have hazardous jobs in facilities where radiation is present, but other times just medical professionals could suffer radiation burns in treatment accidents while using certain types of therapy. While these injuries are rare, they are almost always permanent and disabling.

Are Your Eye Injuries Work-Related? WC Claims Involving Blindness or Loss of Vision in a Workplace Accident Should Always Be Handled by a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in NYC

Your vision is very important. For most people, it is considered their primary sense. Thus, injuries to your eyesight can impact every facet of your life—both work and personal aspects. Individuals who suffer any type of work-related eye injuries that cause blindness or loss of vision should call our experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in NYC for help in order to ensure you obtain the full amount of workers’ comp benefits that you may be entitled to under the law. Our compassionate and dedicated lawyers offer FREE consultations to victims and their families. To schedule your appointment, call (914) 595-4502 or by sending us a private message through our “Contact Us” box available here.


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