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Can teens get New York workers’ compensation benefits?

Injured teens can get workers' comp benefits.In New York, teens have the same rights to workers’ compensation as older workers. As a result, teens who are injured on the job or diagnosed with a work-related illness may be entitled to benefits if they meet the eligibility requirements.

These benefits may include reasonable and necessary medical treatment for the injury or illness, partial wage replacement payments (if more than seven days off are required to recover), and vocational rehabilitation or job placement services if the occupational injury or illness will prevent the teen from returning to their job.

In order to qualify for New York workers’ compensation benefits, the injury or exposure to illness must have occurred during the course and scope of the teen’s employment.

There are also strict deadlines for notifying an employer of a workplace accident and injury, and filing the workers’ comp claim. State law requires injured workers—regardless of age—to inform their employer of the incident in question within 30 days and file their claim within two years, or risk losing the right to seek benefits. Workers with occupational illnesses must file their workers’ compensation claim within two years of realizing that they contracted the disease because of their job.

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