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Is Your Attorney Ready in the Days of Virtual Court?

Virtual court is more popular today than ever before. Unfortunately, however, not every attorney is prepared for virtual court appearances. In fact, many of them lack the knowledge, experience, and resources it takes to succeed in a virtual court environment. As most of the world saw, a filter mix-up turned a routine hearing in West Texas into an internet sensation at the expense of the attorney’s client.

The next time you need to hire an attorney to represent you virtually, be selective. Do your research and find a few different law firms to contact. Then, ask each one the following questions so you can select the very best one.

1.  How do you prepare for virtual court?

The attorney you choose should test all of their devices in advance. They need to turn on their camera, position themselves correctly, and become familiar with the “court” and its various meeting rooms. In addition, they should have all of their documents on hand so they can access them easily.

2.  What do you do in the event of a technology failure?

Chances are you’ve seen a television show or video of an attorney speaking on camera without any idea that their audio no longer works. Since technology glitches are bound to pop up from time to time, the attorney you go with must handle them well. Ideally, they’d have a tech resource or team they can rely on when things don’t go as planned.

3.  How do you dress for virtual court?

Even though an attorney can attend virtual court from their bedroom, they must dress appropriately. The last thing you want is an attorney representing you in their pajamas with a dog barking in the background. The attorney you decide to use needs to dress as if they were attending a physical courtroom and remove all distractions.

4.  How do you communicate with clients during virtual court?

Good client communication is the key to a successful court experience. Find out how the attorney plans to communicate with you during virtual court. Text message? Email? Make sure they can do it without the opposing side or court hearing your conversation.

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