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Documenting Occupational Disease and Repetitive Stress Claims for Workers’ Compensation Recipients

It’s essential that doctors in New York providing healthcare to local workers who are experiencing an occupational disease or repetitive stress claim adhere to the rigorous documentation requirements set forth by the Workers’ Compensation Board. In the past, the Workers’ Compensation Board would accept your opinion of your patient’s condition based upon your general knowledge of your patient’s job.

Today, however, they ask medical providers to provide very specific documentation. Claims that are solely based upon general knowledge are being disallowed by the Workers’ Compensation Judges and Appeals Division. It’s imperative that you document the injured workers’ medical report properly.

What Information Does The Workers’ Compensation Board Consider?

By asking your patient for the following pieces of professional and well-being information, you’ll find it easier to come up with the proper documentation and help your patient get the case established. Also, it will make it easier for you when you are cross-examined in a deposition.

  • The job title of the patient.
  • The date the patient started to work for the employer.
  • The amount of days per week as well as the hours per week the patient works.
  • The patient’s specific job duties.
  • The amount of time the patient spends on each duty.
  • An explanation of how the movements in the patient’s work were intrinsic to their job.
  • What frequency and force do each of your work duties require?
  • How much time do you spend performing each work duty?
  • How much weight do you have to lift and/or carry at work?
  • Do you have to kneel, stoop, or bend at work? If so, how often for how long do you do so on a daily basis?

O’Connor Law PLLC’s Collaboration With Local New York Doctors

Essentially, your goal is to prove there is a link between their condition and a distinctive feature of their employment. If you’d like further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our law firm today. We’re highly experienced New York workers’ compensation attorneys and dedicated to helping you navigate the Board’s arduous and daunting requirements.

In addition, we’re available to provide your patients with quality legal representation. We’ll handle all the legalities of their case so they can focus on recovering and moving forward with their lives. We encourage your patients to contact our office to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation at their earliest convenience.

Our firm looks forward to working with you to provide injured workers with the very best service. Service that allows them to return to their pre-injury condition and collect the maximum workers’ compensation benefits they may be entitled to.

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