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Most businesses in New York are obliged to obtain workers’ compensation insurance in case an employee is hurt while on the job. Filing a claim can get you compensation to pay for your hospital bills and lost income.

In New York City, benefits are likely accessible if you have been harmed at work. It makes no difference who is at fault. Nevertheless, without a Mount Vernon workers’ compensation lawyer, your employer and their insurance provider may try to reduce the value of your claim. Don’t allow them to exploit you or trick you into receiving less money than you are due. Come in and speak to a Mount Vernon workers’ compensation lawyer to learn about your rights.

Types of Injuries in Mount Vernon, New York

Our Mount Vernon, New York, work injury attorneys are aware of the devastation that can result from any job sickness, injury, or handicap. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, workers in the construction industry, material moving, extraction, and transportation sectors made up almost half of the workplace fatalities. We handle all claims requiring workers’ compensation, including those that involve:

  • Construction mishaps
  • Accidental trench collapse
  • Automobile collisions involving bus drivers
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals, substances, or fumes
  • Heavy equipment mishaps
  • Illnesses and diseases at work
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Crane mishaps

Are You Eligible for Workers’ Compensation in Mount Vernon, New York?

The following conditions must be satisfied for an event to be eligible for workers’ compensation in Mount Vernon, New York:

  • The injured employee must be employed by a business that is subject to the workers’ compensation laws of New York.
  • The worker’s injuries must have happened while they were on the clock. Generally, off-duty injuries are ineligible for workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Written notification of the occurrence leading to the injury or disability must be given to the employer. This letter must be delivered to the employer within 30 days and include details on the incident’s date, time, place, and injuries sustained. It must also include the employee’s contact details and be endorsed by the employee or a representative on their behalf.

Workers’ Compensation for Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

While you may not work in a role with a high level of risk, your employer is still obligated to ensure that you have a safe place of work. From bus drivers to nurses, all are entitled to protection under New York law.

For example, premises liability is a legal principle that holds landowners accountable for ensuring the safety of their properties. This involves carrying out appropriate checks, fixing identified dangers, and properly alerting visitors to any threats that may be present. They will be made responsible for the victim’s damages if an accident occurs because they disregarded their responsibility to preserve the safety of their space.

Employee vs. Independent Contractor in Mount Vernon, New York

The ability to control the work culture is the main factor in creating an employment relationship. The courts have considered all facets of the relationship, particularly the employer’s right to exert guidance and supervision over the style and technique of work performance, to determine whether an employer has control over a worker. These factors are taken into account by the New York courts when deciding whether the employer has control over the employee:

  • Whether the worker used facilities, equipment, tools, or supplies provided by the employer while doing their job
  • Whether the employer sets the employee’s work schedule, location, and technique
  • Whether the employer has the authority to fire the employee
  • The type of work that the employee does
  • Whether the worker’s ability to perform services for other people was constrained by the employer

Our arsenal of skilled workers’ compensation lawyers has been acting for the citizens of New York for over 85 years. We are highly experienced in representing members of the Mount Vernon workforce.

Resources for Employees in Mount Vernon

All citizens have access to the Court, but it is best navigated with the aid of a New York workers’ compensation lawyer in Mount Vernon. You will be happy to have an attorney at your side if the situation worsens to the point where you must appear in court. If you don’t want to stay employed by your current company, you might want to think about getting in touch with the New York State Career Center to find out more about your possibilities.

You will be exposed to many hazards depending on your job type. We are no strangers to the working conditions in Mount Vernon, New York, and we can help you rebound after an injury. We also offer representation if you are in the Yonkers, Bronx, or White Plains areas. Don’t delay. Come in and talk with us or speak with us virtually. Contact O’Connor Law for a free case review.


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