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Don’t Forget to Notify Social Security of Important Life Changes

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be a grueling process. As a result, once you’ve been approved, you may be hoping to just sit back and collect your monthly payments without having to jump through any additional hoops. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple.

If you’re collecting SSDI, the Social Security Administration (SSA) requires you to report any life changes immediately—and no later than the 10th day of the following month—or risk facing serious penalties. The list of things SSDI beneficiaries are required to report is lengthy and wide-ranging. It includes:

  • Work
  • Changes of address
  • New direct deposit accounts
  • Traveling outside the United States for 30 or more consecutive days
  • Marriages and divorces
  • Name changes
  • Changes in citizenship
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Criminal convictions
  • Probation or parole violations
  • Death of a beneficiary

Big life changes—and even small ones—can potentially affect your eligibility for SSDI benefits. After reporting a change, you may discover that you’re owed additional payments or have to pay back the SSA to correct an overpayment. Notifying the SSA of a life change right away is absolutely vital and may help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Thinking of failing to report a life change and hoping the SSA won’t notice? This can have devastating consequences. If the SSA finds that you didn’t report the changes promptly or intentionally made false statements, it may stop your SSDI payments. Don’t risk it.

Consult Our Adept Social Security Disability Attorneys

Did you experience a life change and want to make sure you report it to the SSA correctly? Did you fail to report a change in a timely manner and are now facing potential consequences? The savvy Social Security disability attorneys with O’Connor Law PLLC can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. Don’t wait—the time to report your life change is limited.

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