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In Ossining, Westchester County, accidents happen to men and women every day that may permanently affect their quality of life. Being an accident victim means dealing with immediate physical, mental, and emotional suffering as well as economic difficulties. Although it may seem you will never be able to live the same life you did before, you do have legal rights.

All workplaces have some risks, but some are more prevalent than others. Are you aware that your company is required by law to provide a safe workplace for you? Should you believe your rights are being violated, speak to a workers’ compensation attorney in Ossining.

Do I need an Ossining Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Claims for workers’ compensation can be challenging to prove. Insurance companies can seek excuses to withhold essential coverage. Consult O’Connor Law if you are worried about receiving all of the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled.

Additionally, according to New York’s statute of limitations, you have three years from the date of your injury and two years from the date of the death of a loved one to file a lawsuit in “The Volunteer-Spirited Town” against the responsible party. You can encounter unforeseen difficulties while acquiring evidence to support your claim. Gathering evidence and potential witnesses can be quite the task, especially when you should be focused on returning to maximum health to support your family. Please come to us right away.

Resources You Have Access To

Your Ossining workers’ compensation lawyer ought to be knowledgeable about the workings of the court system. We are able to be your voice since we are familiar with the Town of Ossining Justice Court. If you don’t want to stay employed by this company, you might want to talk to the New York State Career Center to learn about your options.

Depending on your job type, you will be exposed to many different hazards. We are no strangers to the working conditions in Ossining, New York, and we can help you rebound after an injury. Don’t delay. Come in and talk with us, or speak with us virtually. Contact O’Connor Law for a free case review.


Our legal team has a detailed knowledge of New York workers’ compensation and Social Security disability law, including a unique perspective gained from our founder’s past experience serving as defense counsel for dozens of workers’ compensation insurance firms. You can rest easy knowing that we have the skills necessary to handle your claim.


Our firm’s reputation is unparalleled throughout the Big Apple. When you choose to work with us, you’re getting the benefit of respected representation from one of the leading workers’ compensation and Social Security disability firms in the state.


At O’Connor Law, we understand how vital our work is to your future. We’re committed to fighting for your right to benefits while providing you with the support you need to navigate this difficult time in your life. You will always feel like you are our top priority.


We’re compassionate and empathetic, but far from being a pushover. We’re an iron fist in a velvet glove and will aggressively advocate for your interests—even if that means litigation is necessary to protect your right to benefits.

Protecting New Yorkers is what we do.

Our Process

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  • Determine if we can help

We file your claim

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  • Feel confident with a legal team in your corner

We deal with the insurance company

  • We respond to requests and negotiate on your behalf
  • If they don’t play ball, we fight it out in court

You get the outcome you deserve

  • Get the compensation you’re entitled to
  • Ditch the stress
  • Get back to normal and living your life

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Make a Claim For?

You could be eligible for an additional payment for disfigurement if your labor injury left you permanently disfigured. Rehabilitation for the workplace and death benefits are other benefits. According to a formula depending on the number of children who survived, you can be eligible to receive death benefits if your spouse or parent passes away as a result of a work-related injury.

While Receiving New York Workers' Compensation Benefits, Can I Apply For Social Security Disability Insurance?

If you meet the requirements for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, you may be eligible to receive benefits in addition to workers’ compensation for a working injury or occupational disease. The approval to receive the entire amount of workers’ compensation and SSDI benefits simultaneously is uncommon, nevertheless. In what may be referred to as an “offset,” your SSDI benefits may be decreased if you receive more than the maximum permitted benefits. Find out how O’Connor Law PLLC’s experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you in obtaining the benefits you are entitled to.

Which of my Accidents Are Reimbursed For By Workers' Compensation?

There are numerous injuries for which employees may be entitled to workers’ compensation. You are eligible for workers’ compensation even where your injury was not the result of an accident, as workers’ compensation also provides coverage for persistent illnesses or conditions. Some examples of injuries are:

  • Falls
  • Bone fractures
  • Whiplash and Asbestos Neck Injuries
  • Loss of hearing
  • Spinal sprains
  • A result of the equipment
  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Head trauma

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