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UPS Injured on the Job – NYC Workers Compensation

UPS Injured on the Job - NYC Workers Compensation

Busy streets and a huge increase in package delivery needs has led to an introduction of UPS four-wheel e-bikes to help get online orders to their destination. While this promises to speed up the process during high-traffic times, it may also lead to more UPS injured on the job claims. The streets of New York City are already busy and confusing places with approximately 625 vehicular accidents daily.

If you are a UPS delivery driver and will use of one of these e-bikes on the job, it is important to understand what injuries qualify for worker’s comp coverage. Therefore, if something happens, you can contact our professional law firm and get the compensation you deserve to help you recover and get back to your active life.

Covered NYC Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Vehicular and other types of accidents common in the city cover a variety of outcomes from simple bruising to lifelong disability. These are the most common covered injury types that a UPS e-bike driver may experience. The most important thing to remember is if you are injured while working as a new e-bike driver delivering packages across the city, you must contact an experienced legal team like ours as quickly as possible to get the claims process started.

Direct Physical Injuries

This category includes any work-related injury that severely damages your body in an acute manner. For example, serious sprains, broken bones and fractures, lacerations requiring stitches, and severe impact injuries that hurt soft tissues are internal organs are all covered by workers’ compensation. These may be caused by falling packages, vehicular accidents, slips and falls, and other similar events.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

The right to go after UPS workers’ compensation extends to chronic injuries or conditions cause by repetitive motion or activities. Since these new e-bikes do require peddling at times, they carry a high risk of knee and hip issues over time. Of course, picking up and carrying heavy packages can also cause repetitive stress.

Pre-existing Conditions

If work activities undeniably worsen a pre-existing condition, it is possible to go after compensation for additional treatment costs and more. For example, an old knee injury can get much worse from peddling the e-bike to make deliveries. Doctor’s visits and careful records are needed to prove that these are eligible for NYC worker’s compensation. Injuries must exacerbate a known condition enough that it gets in the way of your job or general enjoyment of life.

Work-Related Mental Health Issues

Although not as easy to prove as physical injuries, it is possible to make a workers compensation claim in New York City for mental and emotional health conditions. These usually require a traumatic on-the-job event like an assault or robbery. Unfortunately, the open access to delivery packages loaded on a small e-bike may prove impossible to resist for thieves.

Were you injured on the job while delivering packages with an e-bike in New York? Contact O’Connor Law workers’ compensation team for your free, no obligation consultation about how we can help you recover and get do compensation for the accident.

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