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The hard-working members of the White Plains workforce reflect the New York spirit. We work very hard to support our families and fulfill our dreams. The last thing we need to experience is an injury on the job. This is a huge inconvenience that can significantly set back our finances. You may be eligible for payments under workers’ compensation insurance if you sustain an injury while at work that prevents you from working, whether it was caused by a serious accident or exposure, overuse, or strain.

Additionally, your capacity to file for and receive workers’ compensation payments will not be impacted by your immigration status. Even if you’re an undocumented worker in New York, you have the right to workers’ compensation if you get wounded on the job. Don’t be afraid to speak with us. We are here to help. Come in and speak to a White Plains Workers’ compensation lawyer to learn about your rights.

How Your White Plains Work Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Negotiating with big businesses and their insurance carriers is something our team of workplace injury lawyers is skilled at. We put in a lot of effort on behalf of every client to ensure that they achieve the highest settlement possible for their case. We assist our clients in a number of ways, including:

  • Carrying out a full investigation of your accident
  • Assembling and presenting proof to establish responsibility and damages
  • Talking to each party involved in the issue and negotiating
  • Interacting with your healthcare providers to get the medical data required to support your claim’s demand for damages
  • Negotiating with lien holders (such as health, disability, or workers’ compensation insurers) on your claim to perhaps lessen the amount of those liens
  • Reviewing your losses to establish the entire claim amount
  • Supplying thorough knowledge of the New York legal system and how we can make it work for you
  • Ensuring that all paperwork is properly and timely filed

Your White Plains Construction Accident Lawyer Is Experienced in a Number of Injuries

There is no limit on the list of injuries you can sustain while working at a dangerous job. The White Plains, New York, construction site accident lawyers at our firm are well-versed in the legal requirements required to prosecute your case. We offer knowledgeable counsel for effectively defending your construction accident claims in a way that completely safeguards your legal interests.

In cases involving injuries sustained on construction sites, we have successfully defended clients. These cases include:

  • Accidents involving cranes and construction vehicles
  • Product responsibility
  • Burns, explosions, electrical shocks, and fires
  • Flaws in construction equipment
  • Ladder and scaffolding injuries

Resources Available to You

Your White Plains worker’s compensation attorney should be familiar with the ins and outs of the Court system. We are no strangers to the White Plains City Court and are able to be your voice. If you do not intend to continue your employment, perhaps you should consider reaching out to the New York State Career Center to find out your options.

Depending on your job type, you will be exposed to many different hazards. We are no strangers to the working conditions in Yonkers, New York, and we can help you rebound after an injury. We also offer representation if you are located in Yonkers, Bronx, or surrounding areas. Don’t delay. Come in and talk with us, or speak with us virtually. Contact O’Connor Law for a free case review.


Our legal team has a detailed knowledge of New York workers’ compensation and Social Security disability law, including a unique perspective gained from our founder’s past experience serving as defense counsel for dozens of workers’ compensation insurance firms. You can rest easy knowing that we have the skills necessary to handle your claim.


Our firm’s reputation is unparalleled throughout the Big Apple. When you choose to work with us, you’re getting the benefit of respected representation from one of the leading workers’ compensation and Social Security disability firms in the state.


At O’Connor Law, we understand how vital our work is to your future. We’re committed to fighting for your right to benefits while providing you with the support you need to navigate this difficult time in your life. You will always feel like you are our top priority.


We’re compassionate and empathetic, but far from being a pushover. We’re an iron fist in a velvet glove and will aggressively advocate for your interests—even if that means litigation is necessary to protect your right to benefits.

Protecting New Yorkers is what we do.

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We deal with the insurance company

  • We respond to requests and negotiate on your behalf
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You get the outcome you deserve

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